the construction industry
with us!

At klarx, we shape the future of construction projects!
We are the leading online platform for construction
machinery rentals and we are revolutionising what
construction gear hire means in the 21st century.

We make the hiring process easier, faster and cheaper.
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We are


an entire industry

Digital nature

At klarx, we shape the future of construction projects! We are the leading online platform for construction machinery and gear rentals and we are revolutionising what construction gear hire means in the 21st century. By taking the process digital, we make the process of hiring construction machinery easier, faster and cheaper – as easy as renting car! Some big names from the German construction sector are already using our digital solution all over Europe. We provide them with a future-proof tool to meet the challenges of complex construction projects. Meanwhile, we make sure that there is 100% availability and price transparency, even for specialised equipment.

Real world benefits

Our new way of doing things makes the client’s life easy during the planning stage – and in their budget. However, it’s not just the client who benefits, but also the equipment rental firms. By feeding their fleet into the klarx platform, hiring companies can achieve higher fleet utilisation and reach new groups of customers. The bottom line is: rental companies can generate higher revenue by using klarx.

We believe in these

Core Values

Learn, grow
and push your limits

We believe in a constructive culture of admitting and confronting mistakes. We come to work every day to face new challenges and to constantly get better at what we do.

If it’s not efficient,
improve it

We think outside the box. We are constantly looking for exciting innovations which really help our clients advance their projects!

Fight relentlessly for our customers’ success

Our can-do attitude runs deep. If you are our customer and you encounter any issues or problems, you can trust that we will be at your side – not just firmly, but relentlessly.

Take responsibility
and get shit done

At klarx, we are ‘intrapreneurs’. We all take responsibility from start to finish, no excuses.

Be humble, respectful and supportive

We trust and support each other. We grow together


- The six top reasons
to work for klarx

Learning is part of our DNA

In our work we are all constantly looking for new input. We try to inspire each other and share our knowledge across the team. To quench your thirst for knowledge, we are subscribed to several trade and professional journals, and we’re constantly expanding our library of books. We also offer professional development packages for external courses. In terms of in-house training, we have a specific development event almost every week, in addition to our daily ‘pop-up’ impulse session. To help you settle in when you join the team, you will go through our initial training program, dubbed the 90-day ‘onboarding sprint fit’.

Good times

We have a trust-based system of flexible working hours, because it is important to us that you find a good balance between time spent with your co-workers and your own circadian rhythm. (An exception to this is sales and operations, where at least some of the times are considered ‘core times’, to ensure that our clients can reach someone in the office.) Depending on the individual situation and position of employees, it is often possible to work from home either regularly or on individual days.

We’re a team of foodies

Every Wednesday, the klarx team have lunch together. As variety is the spice of life, a different member gets to show off their skills each week and cook lunch for everyone. To sweeten the start of the work week a little, we also enjoy a relaxed breakfast together every Monday morning. Crucially, there’s also a steady, free supply of Club Mate, Red Bull, Tea and Coffee! On top of all that, there a special treat for anyone with a sweet tooth (think: cake) most weeks.

No such thing as the “bottom of the food chain”

We believe in our team members and follow a strict principle of “ideas > egos”. Every day, we work to create an environment where every employee can flourish, and truly shine at work. We work in decentralised teams, each with autonomy in their respective domain. At klarx, all employees are encouraged to bring up problems, take ownership of them and come up with creative solutions.

Work hard - play hard

As a Munich-based startup, *of course* we have reserved seats at Oktoberfest! We also don’t pass on other opportunities for having a good time. If there is a successful pitch or a finished project, we celebrate together. And, actually, in-between those times, we also find enough other reasons to go out together. Our “after-work” events are legendary (if we do say so ourselves).

Typical, but also extraordinary

Helping and appreciating each other form the core of our idea of a successful business. We are attentive listeners and treat each other with respect. We encourage co-workers with a spirit of “Who, if not you?” We care less about what you wear, and more about the work you do, so there is no official dress code. We consider ourselves a “come as you are” office.

Why you

should apply

Good to know

Every applicant receives prompt, specific, and honest feedback. We aim to respond with information about whether we’re taking the application further within 48 hours after we receive it. We hate boilerplate responses as much as you do, so we make our responses as useful as we can, by making them individual and specific.

By the way

The successful applicant is rarely someone who just ticks all the boxes. Where needed, we also create new positions for interesting applicants. So when in doubt, send us your application – either in response to a vacancy, or just because you know you want to work with us. Another hot tip: You can constantly find our people us at construction industry events and job fairs all over the country. If you’re interested – come and talk to us there!

Be yourself!!

It is important for us to create and maintain the productive culture we have at klarx, so we really try to make sure that the position fits you as well as you fit the position. We therefore consider authenticity a major asset in any application. Please tell us who you are. We promise to be just as open and honest form our side.

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