klarx is a user-related online platform for the rental of construction machinery and equipment. We cooperate with more than 4,000 rental parks throughout Germany and can therefore access 200,000 construction machines, equipment and vehicles and offer them to you at the best price (including logistics costs). Whether chain saw or 90-ton excavator - klarx always organises the construction equipment you require in your immediate vicinity.
At klarx, only the rental and additional rental costs are charged to the customer. Our customer service is always free of charge.
No, you can rent without any registration. If you want to rent more often, you can register to save time and benefit from a convenient overview of your rentals.

Rent with klarx

With a portfolio of 200,000 construction machines, equipment and vehicles, we offer products for every area of use. The rental items are divided into lifting technology, earthmoving, energy and air, vehicles and tools.
On the landing page there is a search field where you can enter your desired product to search. Alternatively, you can use the menu bar at the top of the homepage or select popular and related product categories below.
If you cannot find a specific product using our search function, you can navigate to the desired machine using the menu navigation of the product categories. For example Earthmoving -> Excavator -> Mini Excavator.
Yes, we rent to both business customers and private persons.
You can request any construction machine or construction equipment from klarx without obligation. This includes all articles displayed on the page. As a general principle, we process your enquiry immediately and send you a non-binding offer. If you are unsure about a suitable equipment for your purpose, please do not hesitate to contact us - we will help you.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the rental experts at klarx at any time.
As a general principle, you rent your rental equipment directly from klarx. In exceptional cases you will become a direct customer with one of our rental partners. Regardless of this, our rental experts are of course available to answer your questions and suggestions at any time.
You have the possibility to pick up your rental equipment yourself or to have it delivered. If you pick up your equipment yourself, we will inform you by e-mail about the pick-up location.
A rental inquiry is initially non-binding. As soon as the offer is accepted and a booking is made, you are in a binding contractual relationship with klarx or the respective rental station.
After return of the rental object, it will be technically checked and you will receive an invoice by e-mail within one week. If you have made a deposit, it will be refunded immediately.
The general terms and conditions of business of klarx GmbH are valid.

Rental Process

Once you have selected the product, you can make a non-binding enquiry and you will shortly receive a cost estimate by e-mail. Registration saves you time with regular requests, but is optional.
You can make a reservation request with and without registration via our website. Simply click on the green button in your offer email and make the booking.
It is recommendable to book your rental equipment with sufficient lead time. This ensures that your desired product will be available at the desired time. In the case of very short-term enquiries, it can happen that you have to resort to rental equipment that is further away and the logistics costs increase unnecessarily as a result.
We will process your inquiry immediately and you will receive the best offer for you promptly by e-mail. As a rule, this only takes a few moments. In the case of very complex or very short-term enquiries, it may take a little longer. In these cases the klarx customer service team will contact you immediately.
Yes, you have the choice between self-collection and delivery by transport company. If required, we can also rent you suitable transport trailers.
The costs incurred will be listed on the article page. This shows you exactly what the transport costs are. The costs depend strongly on distance and size of the rental item. For example, various tools can be sent by post or courier service, other rental equipment needs low-bed trailer carriers or are even special transports. Therefore, an exact delivery address is a precondition for the correct cost calculation. Especially for small machines and a short rental period, a self- pickup is recommended - please ask for a suitable transport trailer.
Renting rental equipment via klarx should be as easy as ordering a pair of shoes on the Internet. As an online platform, we need your e-mail address to send you an offer customized to your needs. In order to calculate the logistics costs, it is absolutely necessary to provide the exact delivery address. In this way we can ensure that you receive the best offer - without hidden costs. Your data will of course be treated confidentially.

item selection

Thanks to our partnership with over 4,400 rental stations, we have a broad product portfolio with over 250,000 construction machines, construction equipment and tools at our disposal, which can be rented at the best price anywhere in Germany at any time. You will find an overview of all available machines here.
Product descriptions are available for each product below the illustration. You can also enter your preferred product details on the left side of the product page. Our rental experts will be delighted to help you with any questions you may have about the right device.
Thanks to our cooperation with over 4,400 rental stations throughout Germany, we can guarantee you the availability of a suitable machine. Please note that not all machines are available in unlimited numbers in the nearest depot. We therefore strongly recommend that you make your booking enquiry with sufficient lead time in order to keep costs as low as possible.
If you pick up the machine yourself, you will be instructed on site by qualified personnel. If the machine is delivered, this is by no means the usual rule. For professional instruction, please consult our rental experts at klarx in a timely manner.


Yes, the rental price is based on the rental period selected by you. In the case of a longer rental period, different discount scales apply and the daily rental price decreases.
The minimum rental period is one day.
One rental day corresponds to a single shift operation, i.e. eight hours. If you plan to work in multiple shifts, please contact us.
You can pay with credit card, PayPal or immediate transfer. Corporate customers registered in the German Commercial Register with proven good creditworthiness, public corporations and the public sector can also pay on account.
Since we only provide you with high-quality products, we ask private and business customers to leave a deposit. The return transfer takes place immediately after receipt of the product. In the German trade register registered business customers with proven good creditworthiness, corporations under public law as well as the public hand no deposit is calculated.
You can find the amount of the deposit in your offer mail. It varies and depends among other things on the rental period and machine value.
After you have selected your construction machine and clicked on 'View details', a list of all costs will appear. Of course, these are also transparently broken down for mail offers and booking confirmations.
If the equipment is returned with a full tank of fuel, completely cleaned and undamaged, no further costs will be incurred. For equipment with tools that suffer natural abrasion during use, tool abrasion will be charged separately according to consumption.
Weekend days on which the rented machine is not used are free of charge. Only the contribution for the limitation of liability is due every calendar day.

conditions and procedures

Yes, you must be able to present a valid identification document (passport/identity card) when delivering the machine.
In case of malfunction, theft or loss, please contact klarx immediately. Thefts must also be reported immediately to the nearest police station.
As a general rule, a contribution to the limitation of liability with the rent is mandatory. This covers the deduction in the event of damage. The tenant himself is responsible for voluntary liability insurance cover.
The machines and tools rented by you must be returned clean and in good condition. Cleaning and/or repair costs will be charged if the items in the rental are not returned in their original condition.
If you rent a machine as a private person and use it on private properties, you do not need a special driving licence. For larger machines, however, a certificate of competence is sometimes required. We have summarised more detailed information about the topics of excavator driving licences and the commercial use of machines in this blog article for you.


You can also access our platform with any mobile device and thus make a rental enquiry while on the move.
You will find an overview of our current job opportunities on our jobs page.
We are constantly working to improve our customer service and offerings. Therefore, your feedback is very important to us. If we have not been able to solve your problems to your complete satisfaction, or you have interesting suggestions for us, please contact us at [email protected]. Together with you, we are making the digitalization of the construction industry a little smarter every day.
If your question has not been answered, please let us know. Please use our contact form