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The digital solutions from klarx

Design construction projects efficiently and drive digitalization in your company

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Drive digitalization

The construction industry is one of the least digitized industries in Germany. klarx helps you to drive digitization in your company and build up know-how so that you can benefit from digitization.


Make processes efficient

klarx helps you to make your procurement and rental processes more efficient. Thanks to our digital solutions, your processes are more transparent and save you valuable time that you would otherwise spend on manual tasks.


Increase productivity

With our digital solutions, you save yourself a large number of manual tasks and gain transparency. This makes it easier for you to communicate internally and externally with project participants and to spend your time on the tasks that have the highest priority.

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Renting construction machinery completely digital with the klarxMANAGER


Rent construction machinery quickly and easily digitally. The klarxMANAGER gives you the option of renting machines 24/7 via our software or mobile app, speeds up your procurement process and gives you a centralized view of all relevant documents such as invoices and damage reports.

Success stories

What our customers say

More than 6,060 customers already rely on klarx

    Customer klarxMANAGER

    “The klarxMANAGER enables us to handle the day-to-day management of construction machinery quickly and easily.”

    Katrin Hansen

    Project manager, rnp Solar

    Customer klarxMANAGER

    “The digital management of the machines from klarx is very clear for me and saves me a lot of time when managing my rental orders.”

    Tobias Schöpf

    Site Operations Manager, LAMILUX

    Customer klarxMANAGER

    “It used to take us an average of 8 hours to complete 10 orders a day; with klarx it now takes 5 minutes.”

    Christoph Pfeiffer

    Team lead Project management, Thermondo

klarxSUPPLY for the digital rental of your fleet


For rental stations - rent out your fleet! With klarxSUPPLY, you can digitally map your fleet and increase your capacity utilization for quick and easy rental. With klarx, you only receive relevant inquiries and can discover new potential with various reports and dashboards.

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Success stories

What our partners say

More than 1,500 partners already rent out their machines via klarx


    “For Uplifter, klarx is an indispensable partner for the digital rental of construction machinery throughout Germany. Fast, simple, uncomplicated, modern - we are convinced of this cooperation! And we have been for many years.”

    BSS heavy machinery

    “For BSS heavy machinery, the partnership with klarx is indispensable when it comes to the digital rental of excellent earthmoving machines and attachments. We see great potential for the future and look forward to working together.”


    “Specific inquiries can be processed quickly and easily by digital means, and rental orders can be completed quickly and without any bureaucracy involved.”

Why digital?!

klarx digitizes your sourcing and rental processes and helps you to make manual and fragmented processes more efficient and transparent.


    Absolute transparency

    Thanks to klarx's digital solutions, you gain absolute transparency across your entire sourcing and rental process, because you have access to the most important information, can manage orders digitally and handle everything with one central partner.


    Save costs

    Save costs when procuring your construction machinery with a reliable partner. Thanks to klarx packages, you receive a price list fixed for 12 months and can therefore plan and optimize your costs better.


    Increase productivity

    Reduce the number of manual processes and increase your productivity thanks to klarx's digital solutions. With klarx, you have one central and reliable partner and dedicated contacts who can advise you and help you to make your sourcing and rental processes more efficient.

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